September 18, 2008

My Joy List

got an inspiration from Bo's one of his entries, he asked his readers on what are their joy lists...quite a number gave their joy list...some were very simple and yet those thoughts gave joy to them...sometimes, the simplest thoughts were the ones that give ultimate joy to someone =)

here are my joy list:

  1. Believe and hope in GOD.
  2. That my family and I are healthy.
  3. Keep a positive outlook in life.
  4. To really be alive!
  5. To do even just a single good deed to a stranger.
  6. Go out and date with my honey.
  7. Laugh till i cry =D
  8. Keep an entrepreneurial mindset.
  9. Trust in GOD more.
  10. Remember that all obstacles have a solution.
  11. Remember that GOD never gives us problems that we cannot overcome.
  12. Remember that there are hidden opportunities behind every problem.
  13. To be surrounded by my family.
  14. To hear one of my nephews say 'babay' to us before he goes to school.
  15. And hearing him say 'hello' to us whenever we arrive from work.
  16. And seeing him smile at us whenever he goes home from school.
  17. To see the world with my honey.
  18. I know that someday, our bangus business will boom! =)
  19. I have a honey who works so hard to earn extra income. He's really an inspiration.
  20. Wedding'd we get the money for that?...i don't know...i just know my GOD will provide. =)


yileen said...

Very inspiring. :)