October 31, 2008

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise


Life is a lot, lot easier when you say it out loud. Try it. Believe it.

September 18, 2008

My Joy List

got an inspiration from Bo's one of his entries, he asked his readers on what are their joy lists...quite a number gave their joy list...some were very simple and yet those thoughts gave joy to them...sometimes, the simplest thoughts were the ones that give ultimate joy to someone =)

here are my joy list:

  1. Believe and hope in GOD.
  2. That my family and I are healthy.
  3. Keep a positive outlook in life.
  4. To really be alive!
  5. To do even just a single good deed to a stranger.
  6. Go out and date with my honey.
  7. Laugh till i cry =D
  8. Keep an entrepreneurial mindset.
  9. Trust in GOD more.
  10. Remember that all obstacles have a solution.
  11. Remember that GOD never gives us problems that we cannot overcome.
  12. Remember that there are hidden opportunities behind every problem.
  13. To be surrounded by my family.
  14. To hear one of my nephews say 'babay' to us before he goes to school.
  15. And hearing him say 'hello' to us whenever we arrive from work.
  16. And seeing him smile at us whenever he goes home from school.
  17. To see the world with my honey.
  18. I know that someday, our bangus business will boom! =)
  19. I have a honey who works so hard to earn extra income. He's really an inspiration.
  20. Wedding'd we get the money for that?...i don't know...i just know my GOD will provide. =)

September 16, 2008

Bo Sanchez's Blog

i wasn't feeling all that well awhile ago...

suddenly, a thought cross into my mind...why not check out Bo's website...during moments like this, such as whenever i feel low, i know i am in need of spiritual guidance...and i am very glad i thought of seeing his website coz i just found out he's got a blog...wonderful!

i know it'll be a big HELP and GUIDANCE for me not just in times of need but in all circumstances of my life =)

thank GOD!

September 13, 2008


i used to have a ****'s simple digicam with 3.2 megapixels..i had my aunt buy for me from the US as a gift for myself

technology evolves at a blink of an eye...after a few years my 3.2 digicam is now a so-so cam...=(

i saw this new video/digital camera from Jazz...The Jazz Elite® HDV188 HD

now, what do i like about this gadget? first, the pixels...(well, for a simple human being, that's the first thing to consider, right?)...would you believe it has 11mp? yes! i am imagining my captions would be as clear as unpolluted water, clear as a blue sky at Boracay =)...second, it has 3" TFT LCD old digicam probably just have an-inch...but with this?...the larger the display, the better! now, i wouldn't have wrinkles on my forehead just to see who's in the picture...third, the zoom...Jazz Elite has a built-in 8x digital zoom lens with automatic focus...that would allow me to capture easily and precisely my subject the way i want it =)

so, it's Christmas time already (BER, right?)...probably Santa would give it to me?...i have been a good girl, promise =D

*note: check this site for detailed info:

*if you got a pic taken by your Jazz Elite, pls give me a buzz!...thanks!

Lilit as Clara @ the NuTCracker

i googled "lilit hogtanian" and i saw this come's a youtube video where lilit danced as clara at the nutcracker...i do find this girl amazing! look at how she does the arabesques, pirouettes...just GREAT!

i am pretty sure she'll go a long, long way...hope to see more of her

September 11, 2008

A young ballerina with a great future

a while ago, i got hold of a magazine which i bought for my niece months's a mag for ballerinas...there's this girl named Lilit Hogtanian...she's a very special girl coz she dances very, very well despite the fact that she's only 15!...i read that a choreographer once gave Lilit 20 corrections, without music or demonstrating the movement at length, and watched Lilit run throught the entire piece with every correction just as she asked...Lilit's got a stunning technique combined with mature artistry...BRAVO!

i'll look for more pics of her and post it as soon as i have it...

i'm so fond of ballerina pictures...i used to dance...and i miss it =)

September 8, 2008

Make some money thru BLoGgiNg

i run across this blog:
(Irish Aeirin)

i'll read this when i get home...

have to earn extra money for THE event. =)

September 7, 2008

Going to the Wedding Expo (ows?) =D

yes, you read it right...i'm going there (with dennis, of course!)

he's already on his way to pick me up...and here i am, blogging...haven't prepared yet, haven't taken a bath pa nga! cool na cool lang (daw)

what will i expect later?...we don't know what to do nga e...ay sus! =D

we'd probably mentally compute all expenses we should consider...better to bring a calculator na lang siguro?

oh well, this fair should be a good start of THAT event.

September 6, 2008

after what happened last Sunday, 08.31.08, i've got to realize a couple of things:

  1. it pays to be prepared
  2. time will come when all you could do is to just pray
  3. family is always there, no matter what
  4. stay healthy
  5. you live only once, just sure to make the most of this one chance
  6. GOD never fails. period.

September 2, 2008

Last Sunday was the most scary moment in my life.

Around 3:oo am, i woke up having chest pains at the left part...i assumed at that time that it was my heart...whenever i feel that, i cough coz i felt that by coughing, my heart would pump harder making blood flow faster...and so i did that...but the pain just won't go away....i drank water...nothing happened...i thought i'd just go to my room and try to relax myself...i started feeling this strange thing - bloated, as if my pores open up and expand - you know the feeling of having goosebumps (minus the hair-standing 'chicken skin')...i felt that from my chest then to my shoulders and up...i even felt it in my tongue...i think i even felt that in my legs too...but, while going up to my room, i couldn't contain the pain and that strange feeling anymore...i told my mom about it...i can't remember exactly how i said my mind, i asked am i having/going to have a heart attack?...will i have a stroke?...i probably told her my chest hurts and i couldn't breath...she calmly asked me if i want to be brought to the hospital...i told her yes...

i was so scared...i started praying...i mumbled it, trying to make myself calm...calling the heavens to take care of me...

we knocked at the door of my kuya arnold and asked him to bring me to the hospital...daddy, who was in a nearby room, woke up because we really did knock so hard...(hehe, sorry)

my parents helped me go down the stairs...there were 2 thoughts in my mind...first, i was soooo THANKFUL and GRATEFUL that i was able to confess last friday...uh-huh...after so many months, i finally went to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation...i thought i am ready to, you know, because i am free of sin (really, i thought of that)...second, was a funny thought...i thought, whoa, i'm not yet married!...let me not yet, you know...hehe...(really, again, i thought of that)...kakatawa noh?

and so, we arrived at the Medical last!... i felt it was a long, long ride...

i was asked some questions, then a doctor interviewed me...i had ECG, blood sample, x-ray, blood sample again for my sugar....during my entire stay there...i felt that strange feeling over and over again (minus that chest pain, i think) mom was with me all the time...she even went to find the store and buy some food because i was hungry...daddy was at home, feeling uneasy, in constant communication with kuya arnold and my mom...i could even picture him coughing hard so as to release the tension...=) said sana sumama na lang si daddy sa hospital =D

while i was in the observation room (that's where all the patients stay waiting if they would be released or admitted) i was able to 'observe' the different patients...some were in pain, some were just sleeping...others were with a loved one...others alone...

there was one particular couple...the girl was having abdominal pains i guess...the guy, i assume the husband, patiently took care of her...stroking her hair...helping her stand up and go to the rest room...sitting beside her bed...waiting for the doctor's findings...i couldn't help but wish i would feel that same thing (not being sick, of course)...but feeling how much love was shown at the time it was badly needed...never hearing any 'sumbat'...just words of pure love and understanding...

another patient was a korean (i think)...she had dextrose...and was alone...suddenly she started gasping for breath...looking at the ceiling, trying to find air to breathe...a nurse calmly placed oxygen...and she was ok...she was crying...i don't know why...maybe because she felt alone?...alone in the hospital...alone in a foreign country...a girl went to her bed, probably just a friend of hers...i heard them talking, the korean girl, trying to talk in english...tears in her eyes...the friend was civil...i guess, they weren't really close...i didn't feel the love from the friend...there weren't physical contact involved...she was just there standing beside the bed, talking...i felt sad for the korean...this is the essence of the words BEING ALONE...

moments pass-by and the doctor explained his findings on me...the pain most probably was due to upper respiratory tract infection...muscles contract...might be due to my cough...he couldn't explain my strange feeling...he said maybe it was due to stress or maybe psychosomatic...he prescribed me some medicines...then, he said i can be released...THANK YOU, LORD...PRAISE TO YOU, LORD!

i came back home safe and sound...and thankful for the life i have.

- thank you mommy for taking good care of me...would you believe she was in a pambahay clothes and worn-out slippers the entire time?
- thank you kuya arnold for driving
- thank you daddy for picking us up from the hospital and fixing our things complete with sandwiches, sandals, napkin, etc, in case i'd be admitted

August 20, 2008


(naks! artist daw o)

my boyfriend and i went to Megamall last Sunday (08.17.08) and how nice for us to pass-by the Art Center...we're not really an artist but we do appreciate art...we are a lover of art (whoa!)...kidding aside, we saw great paintings and glass-carvings (was it called as such?) was really good especially the was molded so finely and smoothly that i would have wanted to carry it and bring it home like a trophy =D...the images being portrayed were simple yet oh-so brilliantly great the minds and talents of the people behind these work of art...BRAVO!

August 18, 2008

Sam Milby's house

as it is...

pa-simpleng shot lang coz medyo dyahe...kakahiya kay manong e =)

August 17, 2008

I live in a subdivision where big actors live!

uh-huh!...can't believe it!

i've been living with Sam Milby for the past 2 years!...beat that?...i didn't know we live within the same subdivision since 2006, imagine?...i just read that while having my nail cleaned in a nearby salon...

and being an artista-stalker (i can be corny at times, you know), i got a photo of Sam's house...will post it later!

and guess what else?!...the manong my sis-in-law and i got to interview (panindigan na ang pagiging stalker) said that Piolo and Bea also lives within the subdivision!!! (muntik na kong malaglag sa car seat when i heard that =D)...kaya lang, their houses pala are still being constructed...still this is such a nice surprise!

from now on, i'd better clean-up before going out of the house...who knows who i'll be bumping into one of these days?...=)

August 13, 2008

What is your standard of success?

a few days ago, i tried sending a resume to 2 big companies via online. the first one, which starts with a letter 'S', was quite tedious asking for sooo many info which i obediently answered. fine, i know i don't have much of a choice, right? it went out pretty well...thanks. the second one, which also starts with an 'S' (what's with the S anywaysS?) was almost the same as the first, although, it requires an essay-type of question at the end of the application form. (huwow!) did a lot of editing coz i haven't been doing a lot of writing lately. after so many re-wordings and re-phrases (even 're-sentences'), finally, i did it!

below is my masterpiece to the question 'What is your standard of success?'

For most people, success means being able to achieve a certain desire, aspiration or goal. Success solely depends on the achievement of that one thing; opposite of which means failure. As simple as that.

I partly agree with this definition; however, I strongly believe that being successful goes beyond the achievement of a goal. It is true that the measure of success depends on its final destination. However, the journey towards that destination weighs much more than being at the finish line.

There are two factors to consider – internal and external.

First is the internal aspect. How was I during the pursuit of my goal? How many times have I stumbled and stopped? Were there instances when I considered giving up? Or was I determined and persistent enough so as to keep moving and reaching for my goal?

Second is the external aspect. Were there people involved while I pursue that goal? Was I considerate on how they feel during my journey? Have I stepped on somebody and not even realized such instance? And when I have reached my objective, did I even bother to acknowledge the people who have helped me one way or another?

I may be unsuccessful in terms of accomplishing an objective; but I can still be considered successful if my journey has brought positive effect on me and the people around me. If that journey brought out the BEST in me and in the people I have dealt with, then I am successful.

February 26, 2008

GOD's reasons

Life is beautiful. Life is lovely. Life is mysterious.
Why do things happen? I don't know. God knows. Only Him knows.

Trust Him.

My uncle passed away. Years ago, somebody said this about someone passing away...

"He is very blessed because he can now see the face of GOD."

I will miss him. I smile now because he is now looking at GOD's face.

February 8, 2008

What would you want to be?

i saw this in a major broadsheet under the Lifestyle section...Ms. Tina Pamintuan's answer was, "I'd like to live in a time, past or hopefully future, when love means: "A woman's heart should be so well hidden in Christ that a man would have to seek Him first to find her."