August 13, 2008

What is your standard of success?

a few days ago, i tried sending a resume to 2 big companies via online. the first one, which starts with a letter 'S', was quite tedious asking for sooo many info which i obediently answered. fine, i know i don't have much of a choice, right? it went out pretty well...thanks. the second one, which also starts with an 'S' (what's with the S anywaysS?) was almost the same as the first, although, it requires an essay-type of question at the end of the application form. (huwow!) did a lot of editing coz i haven't been doing a lot of writing lately. after so many re-wordings and re-phrases (even 're-sentences'), finally, i did it!

below is my masterpiece to the question 'What is your standard of success?'

For most people, success means being able to achieve a certain desire, aspiration or goal. Success solely depends on the achievement of that one thing; opposite of which means failure. As simple as that.

I partly agree with this definition; however, I strongly believe that being successful goes beyond the achievement of a goal. It is true that the measure of success depends on its final destination. However, the journey towards that destination weighs much more than being at the finish line.

There are two factors to consider – internal and external.

First is the internal aspect. How was I during the pursuit of my goal? How many times have I stumbled and stopped? Were there instances when I considered giving up? Or was I determined and persistent enough so as to keep moving and reaching for my goal?

Second is the external aspect. Were there people involved while I pursue that goal? Was I considerate on how they feel during my journey? Have I stepped on somebody and not even realized such instance? And when I have reached my objective, did I even bother to acknowledge the people who have helped me one way or another?

I may be unsuccessful in terms of accomplishing an objective; but I can still be considered successful if my journey has brought positive effect on me and the people around me. If that journey brought out the BEST in me and in the people I have dealt with, then I am successful.


juliet said...

ganda naman nyan! magsulat ka na lang kaya? =)

iyos bautista said...

=)pwede rin, dito ako magsisimula sa blog aka biography ko =)